sim5215e module technical issue

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greglazor greglazor
28.04.2018 12:45

sim5215e module technical issue


We have ordered for our project 4 x 3g shields for Europe, but we seem to have technical issues with one of the modules. It seems to be malfunctioning, getting stalled during transmissions or searching for CREG. It rarely transmits and often gets blocked or resets.Our code works well with all other modules and arduinos. We checked for pins to make contact, we checked antenna to be correctly placed, we placed the module on another arduino (working with other 3g shield), changed sim, and tested as standalone modem with AT commands (it also acts strange with direct AT commands), we tried to reset baud rate or reset with AT commands but still no success into getting continuous operation.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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